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Texas Tree Transformations LLC is a locally owned and operated small business serving Dallas, Texas. Tree Care is our specialty; specifically, removal, pruning, planting and stump grinding. We are geared toward both Residential and Commercial clients and are fully insured to safeguard your trust and protection.




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Transforming More Than Trees


Our mission is to provide an experience to our customers, to treat both our customers, and our employees like family and to promote safety above all else while practicing the most up-to-date arboricultural practices.


Our vision is to transform the lives of our fellow man by extending a "hand-up" to those less fortunate than oursleves, turning negative circumstances into opportunities and continually pushing for positive change, knowing that it is possible.
"It's better to give than to receive" Acts 20:35

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Frequently Asked Questions

Respect for your property is a major focus when our trained and highly skilled team is selected to complete your project.
We pride ourselves on using the most up to date arboricultural practices along with the most effective safety measures.

The best time to prune or trim your trees in Texas is usually when cool temperatures arrive in the Fall or before new grown appears to grow in the Spring. When your tree has dangerous limbs; broken, damaged or dead they can be removed at anytime of the year.

Sometimes it is difficult to tell a dormant tree from a dead tree. Inspecting the branches thoroughly for buds even in the winter, will assure you of life.

Fertilization of your trees can provide essential nutrients that otherwise get depleted during competition with grass and shrubs. Feeding the root system and improving the condition of the soil by adding mulch and compost will help maintain a beautiful and healthy tree.

Spanish moss and Ball moss aren’t dangers to your tree as they are not parasitic plants. These strange looking beauties are spread to other locations when the seeds or pieces of it are transferred to new trees by birds or the wind

Live Oaks are popular evergreen trees in most parts of Texas due to their tolerance to various soil conditions. They thrive in full sun to partial shade and can grow into huge, beautiful sights.

Cedar Elms have lovely dark green leaves until fall when they turn to a nice yellow color. They provide both shade and beauty to any location it is planted.

Chinese Pistachios grow well in the Northern parts of Texas. They are known to provide considerable shade with their pleasing green color leaves in Summer and lovely bright red leaves in the Fall.

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